Recessed Lighting Co – Advantages of Recessed Lights

LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has been a popular choice for illuminating home interiors since the fixtures were first developed decades ago. These unique light fixtures mount into ceilings, providing adequate light for delicate tasks or bathing a home’s interior in an inviting glow. Recessed lighting can also be focused on certain features, such as artwork or architectural details of the home. This highlights the features, giving them a dramatic appearance. Recessed lights offer homeowners many benefits over traditional lighting solutions.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Regardless of the type of recessed lighting fixtures and illumination needs, the experts at Recessed Lighting Installation Orange County Ca, can help. Our company was founded by Paul Jessome, an electrical engineer and fully-licensed electrician in the state of California. With his help, homeowners throughout our service region have added new lighting solutions to their homes’ interiors.
Recessed Lighting Installation Orange County Ca

Types of Recessed Lighting

Before talking about the benefits of recessed lighting, it can be useful to understand a bit about the fixtures themselves. Recessed lighting comes in a dizzying array of choices, from flush-mounted fixtures to directional light systems and more. A recessed lighting fixture consists of the housing, which contains the bulb socket, and a trim ring or plate. In general, recessed lighting products are available in:

  • Standardized diameters, typically 4”, 5”, and 6” models
  • Fixtures rated for contact with ceiling insulation
  • Shallow or slope-ceiling housings
  • Remodel or new construction housings
  • Incandescent, fluorescent, or LED fixtures

The trim around the recessed light fixture can also vary, depending on model or style chosen. There are baffled and reflector trims, pin hole trim models that focus light into a tight beam, pivoting trims to give directional control over the illumination, and even sealed trim models for use in wet locations like bathrooms or exterior applications. Recessed Lighting Co. uses only the highest-quality fixtures and trims from leading manufacturers like Elite and Nora to ensure the utmost in performance and function.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting in the Home

There are many benefits to recessed lighting as an illumination solution for homes. Recessed lights can be used indoors or out, and with the array of choices in style, size, and function, there’s a perfect light for every need.

Recessed Lighting

The primary benefit of recessed lighting is that the fixtures can be installed nearly anywhere. These lights can be found in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and entertainment areas. Recessed lights are flexible lighting solutions can create ambiance or provide focused task lighting. Sloped or shallow ceilings are no problem; with the right fixture and the expertise of Paul Jessome, our company’s founder, homeowners’ exact needs and desires can be satisfied perfectly.

Other benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency – with low-voltage LED recessed light fixtures, homeowners can save money on monthly energy costs.
  • Versatility – as mentioned earlier, different lighting fixtures play different roles in the home. Directional fixtures can highlight artwork, used to provide a soft glow on a wall, or focus bright light to where it is needed most, such as in kitchens or office spaces.
  • Unobtrusiveness – since the fixture is mounted to the ceiling, these lights can’t be knocked over or blocked by other furnishings.
  • Style – recessed lights can add style to any home interior. Gentle lighting can set the mood of a room, providing a smooth ambiance. Or, brightly-focused light can bring the most dimly-lit interior space a new vibrancy.

For all your recessed lighting needs, call the experts at Recessed Lighting Co. today at (714) 642-7130 for a fast and free estimate and expert consultation. Homeowners throughout Orange County have been able to transform their home interiors with our quality equipment and precision installation services.

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